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Anxiety - Stress- Phobias - pain- sleep
Addiction - Relationships - trauma
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About Vanessa Jarman

My sole (and soul) purpose is centred around helping people from all walks of life without any judgement and giving you the freedom to be delighted in who you already are or finding parts of yourself that seem to be but really aren’t missing or could be enhanced far beyond your expectations. Decades of working with people and being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend as well as managing large teams of people have sewn together a tapestry of empathy and insightful awareness for every person, every encounter stitching a little more of the mysterious complexities of individual energies into knowledge to best support your unique life essence.    I have had personal and professionally associated experience with a diverse range of mental health challenges and been able to support individuals and families with a heightened level of experiential understanding and empathy.

I am dedicated to resolving trauma and specialise in this field – PTSD is a spectrum many people are unaware of the extensive impact distressing adverse events can have on your life unknowingly, and is often the root cause of self sabotage which can easily be reversed without re-traumatising.   So powerfully, so effectively, and so quickly.    I dearly enjoy working with children and young adolescents.  

I have worked with children with ADHD and Autism and work in close collaboration with parents to create unique programs.   Please contact me to discuss further if you are interested.

Hear my clients tell you what their experiences have gifted them so you can decide to allow us to connect if it feels right for you.

Everything you need to know about me is in the question of what you want for yourself.   I don’t know and only you can know which of these things matter to you, but in caring for your needs you will be restful in knowing I have these credentials to support you: