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Anxiety - Stress- Phobias - pain- sleep
Addiction - Relationships - trauma
weight loss- confidence

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15 Minutes
  • Congratulations on Your First Step!
  • Initial Phone Call with Vanessa Jarman
  • Say Hello and Initiate Your Transformation Plan

Initial Consultation
$180 + GST

90 Minutes
Due to demand Vanessa is currently only offering TRTP Therapy
  • In-take Interview
  • Brief Psychotherapy
  • 1 x Hypnotherapy Session
  • Access to Recording of Session (IF SUITABLE)

$480 + GST

1 x 90 Minute Initial Consultation
2 x 60 Minute Follow-up Sessions
Due to demand Vanessa is currently only offering TRTP Therapy
  • Intake Interview​
  • In-Depth Psychotherapy and Analysis
  • 3 x Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • Access to Recording of Sessions (IF SUITABLE)
  • 3-part Transformation Action Plan
  • 2 x Follow-up psychotherapy and hypnotherapy sessions
  • Short intervals between sessions

The Richards Trauma Process
$1500 + GST

3 x 2-3 Hour Intensive Sessions
  • In-take Interview
    Pre-Session "Homework" Analysis
  • Session 1:
    30 Minute Changing Negative Unconscious Core Beliefs Intention Work
  • Session 1:

    50 Minute Hypnotic Introduction to your real Truth of Self

    Release of Toxic Thought Patterns and Genetics for Good

    Shift Negative Thought Distortions into Positive Neural Pathways and Start THRIVING
  • Session 2:

    60-120 Minute Hypnotic Total Mind Re-Boot

    Shut down Past Trauma Triggers and Emotional Charges

    Protective Recovery of Younger Self and Empowered Ongoing Protection

    Deal with Grief for Loved Ones

    Eradicate Shame, Blame and Self-Blame

    Overcome and Take Control of Symptoms - Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, OCD, Food Challenges, Thought Distortions, Low Self-Esteem, any and all behaviours that aren't serving you

    Reclaim Power of Self and Return Responsibility to Others
  • Session 3:

    Create your NEW Brilliant and Most Extraordinary Future

    Complete Holistic Transformation
  • Session 1 Take Home Recordings
  • DASS21 Analysis
  • 1 Month Follow-up Phone Consultation